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Tufts University School of Dental Medicine faculty members and alumni Irina Dragan, left, and Gabriela Lagreca co-direct the International Dentist Bootcamp. Illustration: Momo Shinzawa

“To give perspective [international] students an idea of what lies ahead, and how best to navigate the process, the dental school has developed an online “International Dentist Bootcamp.” The two-day program, which will be live-streamed, will take place March 18-19, in connection with Global Tufts Month.

The program will also address the application process for foreign-trained dentists seeking to attend dental specialty and advanced education programs in the United States.”

Read more on how TUSDM’s faculty members and alumni Irina Dragan and Gabriela Lagreca make the dream of becoming a dentist a reality for many international students. Full article here.

Article by Tufts Now

Helene Ragovin

March 9, 2021
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