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Top: Shirley Chisholm, Martin Luther King Jr. | Bottom: James Baldwin, Kara Walker

“Boston area artists Kate True and Steven Flythe have teamed up to create digital collages to honor some of their heroes from Black History. In this collaboration they have combined individual works in oil, acrylic and ink, and reimagined them as a more powerful whole.

In his work, Steven Flythe has been exploring issues of race through the lens of a Black man. One constant through his life has been the fight for social justice; his paintings express the scars and victories of this struggle. Steven’s abstract works, which make up the backgrounds of the collages, reflect the shifting moods, feelings, and music that echo aspects of the African-American experience.”

 A resident of Roxbury for the past decade, portrait artist Kate True takes inspiration from the Black History that surrounds her, especially the art of Roxbury native John Wilson. In 2015, activated by the Black Lives Matter movement, Kate began a Black History portrait project. Kate’s portraits capture the love, strength, and fearlessness shared by icons and activists.”

Prints are 11 x 14 inches, printed on heavyweight archival 100% recycled paper, and signed by the artists. Pricing: $80 each, two for $150, four for $250 or all ten for $500. Please allow two weeks for delivery and add $10 for shipping. Contact bk projects for international rates.

10% of proceeds will be donated to organizations supporting BIPOC artists

Excerpt from newsletter by bk projects

Top: Langston Hughes,  Claudia Rankine, John Lewis

Bottom: Ida B Wells-Barnett, Nina Simone, Bayard Rustin