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Michael E. Jordan is a third-year dental student from Garner, North Carolina. He attended East Carolina University for undergrad, where he received a degree in Biology, and later attended Mississippi College where he earned a degree in Biology and Medical Sciences.

Outside of learning the craft of dentistry, Michael enjoys the fine arts, fashion, and creating music. Being able to continue being a creative while studying to become a dentist is extremely important to Michael. Many of you have heard his single “Fillings” which is streaming on all major music platforms. This past summer, Michael was the recipient of a competitive grant, which had to be used to impact the community during the times of Covid 19.

With the help of Nancy Marks as his advisor, Tisch College funding, and members of his community, Michael was able to meet a need head on in his community to help combat the spread and lack of information regarding Covid 19. Michael collected and gave away 100 Ziploc bags that contained KN95 mask, single packaged alcohol wipes, and gloves. He got kids, and other members of the community to help paint signs to raise awareness about Covid, and how to stay protected during these unprecedented times.

He partnered with a local restaurant, and barbershop to pass out the supplies and set up the signs, and hired a videographer to capture it all. Michael then created a song titled “COVID-19” and used the footage to create a music video, so that people inside, and outside of his community could listen and be aware of what it takes to do our part to stop the spread of Covid 19.

This video can be found on YouTube, and the song is also streaming on all major platforms as well. Please take a moment to give the song and video a play and remember to do your part to keep yourself and others safe during these times.

COVID-19 (Music Video): Michael E. Jordan

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