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Meet this Week’s Jumbo of the Week:
Dallas Huff!!

Undergraduate Education: B.S. in Biology, Kent State University

Graduate Education: M.S. in Oral Health Sciences, Boston University
Positions of Leadership at TUSDM:   Tufts MDS Government Affairs Committee Representative, Tufts ASDA Vice Chair, Founder and Co-President of TUSDM’s Cosmetic Injectables Club, Collect to Protect Healthcare Heroes Coordination Lead
Favorite Thing about TUSDM/Why you chose Tufts: I’ve really enjoyed the positive community that TUSDM has fostered – this was a big reason for why I chose TUSDM. The interview didn’t feel forced or stressful; it was very comfortable.
Fun Fact About yourself/Things involved in outside of School: My go-to fun fact is that I was indeed born in Dallas; this was actually my fun fact for our entire class on the first day. Outside of school I like running on the esplanade with my beagle pup.
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