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Dean Karimbux: TUSDM continues to honor individuals with the Unsung Heroes series: Paula Callahan

In every organization, there is an individual who is the “glue”. This is the person who pulls it all together, addresses issues thrown their way without fanfare, rises to every occasion, and makes everyone around them better due to their efforts.  There is no doubt that at TUSDM that person is Paula Callahan.  Every aspect of our clinical operations has been impacted by Paula’s work ethic and more so during these horrific pandemic times.  Her contributions may go unnoticed for they are the nuts and bolts of the work behind the scenes and the fact that she never brings attention to herself. Her work is not glamorous, but vital in addressing safety issues and assuring that our clinical mission can be fulfilled. If anyone could be named an unsung hero at TUSDM, it would be Paula Callahan. No matter the stress, the deadlines, or immediate needs, Paula manages to do it all with a smile and positive attitude that influences all of those around her.  Whether addressing waterline issues or assuring that Board examinations for our students occur seamlessly during the pandemic, Paula is always there making it happen without drama and with quiet confidence and competence. There is a thought that in any organization, no one is indispensable, but there is little doubt that others may fill her role eventually but will quickly find how indispensable Paula was.  She is someone who we all should emulate and appreciate what she has brought to TUSDM over these many years and it not surprising of her accepting so many additional responsibilities work during this pandemic is just part of being the “glue” of TUSDM.

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Charles Rankin · January 11, 2021 at 4:49 pm

Paula Callahan is an amazing woman who brings so much love and warmth to everyone working in the clinic. She is excellent at keeping students and faculty alike up to date on clinical affairs and available resources. I have know Paula for many years now and she has always been a light for us at Tufts Dental. She is a true professional and someone who everyone here respects and enjoys being with. Being a long-time clinical and preclinical instructor and a former member of the Tufts Distinction Awards committee, I believe Paula Callahan truly deserves the Unsung Hero Award.

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