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Meet this Week’s Jumbo of the Week:
Connie Wang!

Undergraduate Education: PharmD Program, University of Rhode Island

Graduate Education: Doctor of Pharmacy, University of Rhode Island
Positions of Leadership at TUSDM:  Tufts ASDA Social media, District ASDA VP of Communications, Orientation leader  
Favorite Thing about TUSDM/Why you chose Tufts: My favorite thing about Tufts is the diverse and welcoming community we have here! I grew up in a super small town in Rhode Island so I knew this school would be a great place for me to grow, meet new people, and learn from those around me. Since coming here I’ve met people from so many different and unique walks of life, and I’m so thankful for the strong bond that Tufts gives us all.
Fun Fact About yourself/Things involved in outside of School: Outside of school I love to stay busy with a variety of things! I’m currently an intern for a floss start up company called Cocofloss where I help them with dental marketing and social media! In addition I love running my instagram and youtube pages (@thepharmadental) where I document life as a dental student / pharmacist / Tjmaxxinista! Finally I’m obsessed with Trader Joes and Pinterest. God I really am a millennial huh.
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