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DMD and PG Students,

On Juneteenth this year, President Monaco made a commitment to making Tufts University an anti-racist institution. Since then, five workstreams have been launched to find and eradicate any structural racism at Tufts and to take the steps necessary to become what every member of our community would view as an anti-racist institution. Of the five, the Institutional Audit and Targeted Actions workstream is responsible for identifying and removing structural racism from all processes, procedures and practices across the University.  

To be successful, it is critical that we hear the perspectives of our staff, faculty and students as it relates to this effort. Therefore, we are inviting you to participate and share your perspectives through the following engagement opportunities:

  • Focus groups – Attend a virtual focus group dedicated to the unique subgroup you self-identify with or one that is open to a mixed audience. We are offering sessions dedicated to each unique subgroup to provide safe space conversations. Space is limited to 15 participants per session, so please register early. (Registration information is below.)
  • Office hours – If you are unable to attend a focus group or prefer to share any additional information with the audit team one-on-one, click here to register for a 30-minute slot to speak to a member of the audit team.

We seek to have the broadest and most diverse perspectives possible from across the University, so please consider attending. To sign up for a focus group, please register through one of the links below. You will receive an email, up to the day before, informing you if you are registered or not, based on the first 15 people to sign up. If you are registered, you will receive the link and invite for the session.

NOTE: URM/URMS stands for Under-represented in Medicine and Under-represented in Medicine and Science, respectively, and includes: Black/African-American, Hispanic, American-Indian, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiians, mainland Puerto Ricans

Your attendance and perspective are greatly appreciated and will be crucial to identifying and implementing targeted actions that we can take as the University seeks to become an anti-racist institution.

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