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HDA has officially ended its annual Spanish Dental Terminology courses this semester! We would like to thank Shivani Rajkumar (D22), Virginia Perello (D22), Jesús Vivar (D22), Laimarie Alas-Dorsey (D22), and Marely Estrada (D23) for presenting these courses. We also thank all the breakout room volunteers which include Gabriel Perez (D23), Jessica Valdovinos-Ayala (D23), Vivian Argueta (D23), Vanessa Diaz (D21), Gabi Sangiovanni (D21), and our own faculty advisors Dr. Forero and Dr. Correa, for taking the time to teach our members. 
We especially thank all the HDA members that participated in these courses and we look forward to next year! We know things were different this 2020 year, but the engagement was still amazing! 
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