Building student involvement, fostering civic engagement and enhancing community service to advance public health. 

Applications for paid staff position now open

Mission Statement

 Created in 2014, the purpose of Dental Central is to foster civic engagement, enhance community service and strengthen cultural awareness at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. Dental Central serves as a hub for students and their organizations to post upcoming community and cultural events, both here and abroad, and to encourage participation in these activities. DC is also a space for reflection on these experiences and a place to support leadership development both within student organizations and in the community.

Overview of Dental Central First-Year Position

DC has two staff each year—a first year student and a second year student. There are separate responsibilities for each person… with the second year supporting and mentoring the first year to help him/her get up to speed.  This team works very closely with Nancy Marks, Community Service and Public Health.

In 2020: Nehal Shah (D22) will step down because he is going into clinic. Alita Lubis (D23) will become senior DC staff. We are looking for a D24 to come in and take Alita’s place as first-year staff. 

We are looking for a D24 who is:

  • comfortable with computers/tech stuff
  • (ideally) some familiarity with Word Press /willing to grow knowledge of WP
  • detail-oriented — proofing posts, etc.
  • can meet weekly deadlines
  • good writing skills
  • willing to stay as DC staff for 2 years and mentor incoming D25 as new staff in the future
  • meets shared deadlines
  • excellent follow through—checking/posting and answers emails regularly
  • creative in thinking up new ways to grow DC
  • occasionally take photos at events
  • comfortable representing DC at events—such as class meetings
  • be a team player
  • Is friendly and likes a good laugh!

NEW D24 Staff will receive training in Word Press and the Dental Central site!

Must be willing to make a long-term commitment as this is about two year position
Time commitment: generally, 3 hours a week–work from home


  • Rate of Pay: $13 an hour/3 hours a week
  • +free coffee and other treats/lunches etc. along the way
  • + ability to work in your jammies from home most of the time
  • + get to know a different part of TUSDM (if you are uncertain about getting involve with different student orgs., this is a great place to start to get to know each and every different and unique groups and their missions at TUSDM!)
  • + work with a “senior” DC staff, Alita Lubis, D23 (and find out about 2ndyear at TUSDM, etc.)
  • + chance to work closely with Nancy Marks
  • + incalculable excitement (LOL)

To Apply:
Please send a letter to Nancy Marks ( expressing your interest and addressing the skills you bring to the position. 


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