Building student involvement, fostering civic engagement and enhancing community service to advance public health. 

Organized by Nancy Marks and Karen Alexander, TUSDM’s first ever Virtual Women in Leadership forum was a great success!  Evaluations confirmed that the D24 women who attended felt inspired by the range of speakers and their journeys,  want to get involved in class and student organization leadership explore their potential as leaders, to run for office and get involved in making TUSDM the best school it can be.

“This event was the day of my first anatomy exam so initially I was hesitant because I figured I would be tired after my exam but I am so happy I joined. My group leader really made me feel comfortable and open to speaking publicly. This is event truly inspired me to be more willing to take on leadership roles as I can be shy and reserved sometimes.”

“It’s so amazing to hear everyone’s UNIQUE stories of female empowerment. We all come from different backgrounds and have our own paths to where we are today, and we should be proud and push ourselves to be female leaders!” 

“I felt very connected with the other students and felt the Tufts community get just a little bit smaller. Thank you!”

“This meeting really empowered me to want to get involved and make a difference in the community and dental school. It really made me feel like part of the Tufts community which was very important because we started online and did not get to meet people. Very informative and encouraging to push yourself and achieve great things!”

“The panel made me feel welcomed! They shared heart-felt stories that I could relate to which let me know I am not alone in the hardships we face! They were also inspiring by letting us know a lot of them did not have a ton of previous leadership experiences before. All it takes is some confidence to purse what you feel you are being called for.”

“I LOVED this! Our small breakout group was able to get very personal and some tears were shed. We all have climbed mountains, but now the view is great.”


A Shout Out of Thanks!

Thanks to all the committed D24 women who not only attended the 2-hour event after their (first) gross anatomy exam but also brought energy and light to the evening

Thanks to the generous faculty who stopped in to welcome and help set the stage for the event: Dean Karimbux, Dean Hanlon, Dr. Holloway

Thanks to the awesome D22 leaders who shared their paths, truths and vulnerabilities about stepping into leadership: Romina Aznavaleh, Courtney Eato, Palek Patel, Tarlan Sedaghat and Maggie Wu.

Thanks to the amazing D23s leaders who created a safe space for sharing and friendship building in their breakout rooms: Bijal Amin, Lauren Ardizzone, Tamara Biary, Amber Courtney,  Leora Hilbert, Dallas Day Huff, Sydney Lee Laudon, Nickeisha Louis-Elias, Ashley Belita Makala, Gabrielle Jamie Milton, Samira Mukamala, Nikita Murarka, Ariana JaMia Smith, Nattasha Srikongyos, Marley Estrada Toleda, and Connie R. Wang.

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