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From the Office of the Assistant Dean for Diversity and Inclusion

“Greetings TUSDM Community,

Accordingly, as Dean Karimbux stated in his weekly update today, I am attaching the video recorded during the Juneteenth Day of Reflection featuring our students, faculty and staff. “Hear Our Voices” is now available on TUSDM YouTube, and you may view by clicking on the following link (or the image below):

Please listen to these emotional, compelling, and difficult stories, and view this as the first platform that our community members can use to learn from one another as we share our stories.

During the Day of Reflection, Action, and Commitment, President Monaco established action items for the University which included the following:

  • Identify where structural racism is embedded in the University at all levels. Building upon and learning from the anti-racism work many departments are already engaging in, this will encompass an investigation of structures, procedures, educational content, “and the many ways the history of white supremacy is relevant to our institution,”
  • Take a hard look at the Coolidge Room and other places public art is displayed, as well as “how these environments make people feel about themselves and their role in an institution whose history is not immune to structural racism.”
  • Ask critical questions about the power dynamics of policing at Tufts, including how the police are perceived by Black community members, and consider “what we require to keep us safe and secure.”

Finally, as we continue the development of the TUSDM Diversity and Inclusion Task Force, I thank those who have expressed interest in serving. Additionally, I welcome volunteers along with your ideas as we establish mission, goals, objectives and begin to make meaningful changes.”

Dr. Jeanette Sabir-Holloway
Assistant Dean for Diversity and Inclusion

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