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Dear Friends and Family of TUSDM,
We usually celebrate month of June as Pride Month in honor of Stonewall veterans such as Marsha P. Johnson, who protested against police violence aimed at LGBT members in 1969. Since then as a community and with the help of our allies we have come a long way to celebrate diversity and inclusion. Our colorful flag represents many aspects of queer pride; and recently the black and brown stripes were added to respect and honor the experiences of queer people of color. But there’s so much more to do…
This Pride Month we must come together in solidarity with our our black and brown LGBTQ+ friends and allies. We’re able to celebrate diversity because they (among many others) stood up to adversity.  It’s our duty to show SUPPORT and SPEAK UP!
Be Safe and Be Proud

*Dennis Li – for the LGBTQ+Solidarity flag design
*Daniel Quasar –  for the underlying flag design



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