Building student involvement, fostering civic engagement and enhancing community service to advance public health. 


Launched by Tisch College in 2009, the Honos Civicus Society selects and acknowledges graduating students who engaged in meaningful service and leadership activities during their time at Tufts. Available to undergraduates and graduates at all Tufts schools, Honos Civicus provides an opportunity to celebrate and reflect on a Tufts education’s foundational commitment to social impact and to join a network of engaged alumni who share and acted on

Congrats to the following D20s for their acceptance into Tufts Honos Civicus Society! We celebrate your commitment to community service and civic engagement during your time TUSDM and beyond.

D20s Tufts Honos Civicus SocietySara Alterman
Stephanie Alvarez
Thais Antunes
Nadine Bedair
Valerie Bouhom
Airy Choy
Vendita Correia
Janelle Diaz
Gloria Enjuweh
Joyce Ganas
Benjamin Golub
Zackary Golub
Kalp Juthani
Albert Kim
Shawn Kim
Zachary Kishbaugh
Anna Lam
Sun Lim
Sandy Lopez
Adam Lowenstein
Brent Mullen
Keith Nguyen
Se Ha ‘Cindy’ Park
Hemali Patel
Melissa Ruiz
Amanjot Sarao
Samantha Sauers
Heather Smith
Youstina Youssef


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