Building student involvement, fostering civic engagement and enhancing community service to advance public health. 

Tufts University strives to foster a learning environment for students to personalize their education around their passions and interests throughout their time at the University. The Office of the Provost recognizes students’ broad range of paths and integrated learning experiences, and would like to highlight how students have shaped their Tufts experience around their interests and passions.

Are you passionate about health and wellness of all people – including public health at this time of global pandemic -, the sustainability of the planet, affordable and renewable energy, access to food and clean water, improved nutrition and sustainable agriculture, safety and peace, reduced poverty and inequalities, economic growth, access to quality education, enhanced quality of life or other personal interests?

Are you designing your curriculum and extra-curricular experiences according to your interests and passions; collaborating with peers within and outside of your major or program; pursuing a research project or thesis; participating in a student club; learning how to become an entrepreneur or creating a business; exploring the real world as an intern or a resident physician; studying abroad or serving the community; competing as a student athlete or playing club or intramural sports?

The submission deadline is April 26th, and I am pleased to announce that there will be two grand prizes of $1,000 each:

My Tufts Story Grand Prize: General Category
My Tufts Story Grand Prize: COVID-19 Pandemic

The two grand prizes, together with other My Tufts Story awards, will be announced to the Tufts community on Friday, May 1st.

Please tell us your Tufts story!

For Eligibility, Requirements, and Prize categories, and to submit your video,
Click HERE for more details!




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