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Journalist Mary Otto Speaks on Tell Me More about Teeth: The Story of Beauty, Inequality and the Struggle for Oral Health in America



In Tufts University’s Tell Me More podcast, Mary Otto discusses the barriers that patients on Medicaid or without insurance face in receiving necessary dental care. “It can be really hard to find a place to get care if you’re living in a lower income, or minority community, because there are a shortage of providers,” said Otto. Each first-year class at TUSDM reads Otto’s book, and Otto has visited the school to speak to students. The subjects Otto covers resonated with first-year students. In the podcast, Negin Taghizadeh, D23, from West Palm Beach, Florida, and Alexandra Dinu, D23, from New Jersey, share their respective experiences of volunteering at a free dental clinic in Tampa, Florida, and working at a dental office in New Jersey that accepted Medicaid patients. You can listen to the podcast HERE!

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