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Collect2Protect Healthcare Heroes 

 Face-Mask/Face Shield-Making Initiative

A call to action to TUSDM students, staff, faculty, community members, and friends/family near and far!

This initiative was created to help fill the growing chasm of need for protective equipment in hospitals, clinics and homeless shelters. Whether you are in the Boston area or are sheltering-in-place in another part of the country, you (and your friends/family) can participate!


Help support our healthcare heroes by making protective equipment!

Help us Make face masks or face shields! Not a maker? You can still participate by recruiting your friends or family members to get involved, or help with pickup and delivery! Time is really of the essence.

Where will donations of face masks and face shields go?

Donations in the Boston area: Face masks will be going to the Shattuck Hospital and Mass General Hospital. The Lemuel Shattuck Hospital in Jamaica Plain is a public health hospital and its services help economically and socially disadvantaged patients.

Donations outside the Boston Area: If you are currently residing outside the Boston area, call your local hospital/shelter to donate. It’s a great way to build community connections and help out in your community.


What to do with completed masks and shields? 

Outside of Boston Delivery: Call and ask where to drop off face masks/shield while avoiding contact

 Boston Pickup/Drop off: Two options. There is a drop off box in TUSDM’s lobby if you are close to the school. Or you can arrange pickup from Nancy – must have a place you can leave them so she can pick them up with no physical contact with you.

When finished: Take photos of your creations/post to Instagram at #Collect2Protect; #TUSDM; #DentalCentral.  Also tell us how many you made and send photos to us!

Use the link below to participate in the #collect2protect healthcare heroes initiative. 


Sign up to receive easy to use instructions, material lists, how to video, delivery information, etc.


Finally, we want everyone to participate who can and wants to. If cost is a consideration and you are a TUSDM student, please contact to discuss options.

Questions?? Feel free to contact either of us: 

Nancy Marks – Tisch/Tufts Community Service Coordinator @

Stephanie Smith – D.M.D Candidate 2023 @


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