Building student involvement, fostering civic engagement and enhancing community service to advance public health. 

The world needs our help!

Volunteer opportunities and ideas for those D23s who need OHP hours and others who just want to help

Deliver online support:

  • Record audiobooks for LibriVox
  • Transcribe Shakespearian manuscripts or classify photos of antibiotics through the Zooniverse platform.
  • Transcribe documents for the Smithsonian
  • Proofread Project Gutenberg’s digitized books with Distributed Proofreaders
  • Write cards and give luv: Chemo Angels (, where volunteers sign up to send a weekly note or small gift to someone undergoing chemotherapy.
  • Mentor at-risk middle and high school students through org, an online community that empowers teens to stay in school and plan for their future.



Give at the local level:

  • Google “volunteering from home” and add your town and see what they need help with
  • Make cookies and leave on your neighbor’s door steps
  • Start a street or neighborhood phone list so that people connect
  • Volunteer to teach a class online for a neighborhood school that has closed
  • Hand out free school lunches and breakfasts for kids who no longer get it free in school
  • Write cards to first responders and health care workers letting them know you appreciate them
  • Crafty? Make small gifts or cards for people seniors in a local nursing homes who are isolated without family


Raise money and Bring your community/friends together virtually for local charities:

  • Choose a charity that needs support: Create a challenge—such as, how many pushups can you do in 90 seconds…Ask folks to pledge an amount per push up! Set a date and time for folks to do the activity from home. And then let the games begin! People report in how many –or you can do them live on Zoom. Collect the money via Venmo and then send in one check!
  • Get a Zoom account: ask invite 10 friends to a sing-a-long from home. Collect a certain amount of money via Venmo ($10 – $20?) for a particular charity. Set a time, send out a song list with lyrics and have a great time!


Design Tufts Public Health Outreach and Community Engagement Materials:

Want to come up with some new activities we can use in our public health outreach when we return?  Please contact Nancy for a list of ideas!


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