Building student involvement, fostering civic engagement and enhancing community service to advance public health. 

On the 22nd of February, a few D23s volunteered at Hale House Residential Home.

“Students were split into two groups who volunteered on two different weekends (2/22 & 2/29). The first group helped out the elders with Bingo and helped others paint on a canvas. The second group also painted and helped play music for other elders. Many of the elders simply enjoyed having a conversation with us, as we did with them! We were able to create a few activities for the elders to do with us. Painting for example, is something new for the elders to do on the weekends. Also, picking music out and playing it for them was nice since it reminded them of their past. This participation has impacted most of us because many of the seniors appreciated us coming in. Three of the seniors from the first date, came back again to paint on the second weekend! They really enjoyed the dental students’ company and having the ability to be creative with their canvas. They also asked if we were coming back again soon!” – Marely Estrada Toledo, (D23)

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