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ADO returned to the Golden Age Center for another oral health presentation on the links between oral and systemic health. Alexis Yip (D21), Emerly Hsu (D21), Irene Lang (D21), and Maggie Wu (D22) prepared and presented the material in Cantonese and Mandarin to about 26 seniors. Being able to go back to the same site many times over the course of the past few years in dental school has helped build relationships with both the seniors and the staff, and it is always a welcoming and fun experience to talk, answer questions, and connect with community members. In addition to our presentation material, we were also able to answer their questions about denture care, when people should seek dental care and even the path to going to dental school! Next time, we are planning a screening and a presentation on pediatric dental care, as many seniors have grandchildren who they take care of.” – Irene Lang (D21)
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