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“Bates-Andrews Day is a showcase of our predoctoral and postgraduate students’ research activities. [It] is one of my favorite events of the year. This will be my eighth Bates-Andrews Day celebration and my first as Dean of the School of Dental Medicine. I am so very proud of what our students have achieved in their research endeavors in addition to meeting the rigorous demands of our D.M.D. and postgraduate programs….” – Nadeem Karimbux, D.M.D., MMScDean and Professor of Periodontology


Congrats to our Bates Day 2020 Award Winners!

  1. Best Postgraduate Poster Presentation (cash prize donated by Ultradent, Inc):
    Dr. Adnan Hakim (Esthetic Dentistry) “Evaluation of Flexural Strength of Zirconia-Reinforced Lithium Silicate Glass Ceramic and Lithium Disilicate Glass Ceramic Restoration Fabricated with Pressing Technique”


  1. Best Scientific Research Presentation by a Senior(Andrews Society Award) (cash prize donated by Dr. Steven Tonelli, D80):
    Yannis Koroneos “Long-Term Survival of Single Implant-Supported Crowns: A Retrospective Analysis”
    Co-Presenter: Shalin Shah, D22
    Faculty Mentor: Dr. Evangelos Papathanasiou


  1. First Place Award for Predoctoral Table Clinic(travel to present research at 2020 Hinman Student Research Symposium):
    Melanie Silvestrini “Mechanical Strength of a New Dual-Cure Bulk-Fill Composite”
    Faculty Mentor: Dr. Gerard Kugel


  1. Second Place Award for Predoctoral Table Clinic(cash prize donated by Dr. Steven Tonelli D80, and present research at Greater NY Dental Meeting):
    Kristina Caravelli “Evaluation of Water Sorption and Solubility of 3D-Printed Resins versus Conventional Restorative”
    Faculty Mentor: Dr. Yoon Kang


  1. Third Place Award for Predoctoral Table Clinic(cash prize donated by Dr. Steven Tonelli D80, and present research at Greater NY Dental Meeting):
    David Mann “Comparing Degree of Polymerization of 3D Printed and Dental Composite Material”
    Faculty Mentor: Dr. Yoon Kang


  1. Research Committee Award for Basic Science Research:
    Matthew Evers “Cell-Cycle Analysis of Vismodegib-Treated Fibroblasts and Basal Cell Carcinoma Cells”
    Faculty Mentor: Dr. Addy Alt-Holland


  1. Massachusetts Dental Society and ASDA Public Health Award(cash prize donated by the Massachusetts Dental Society):
    Ashley Gagnon “A Retrospective Analysis of the Oral Health Status in Zambia”
    Faculty Mentor: Dr. John Morgan


  1. Dr. Chad Anderson Family Award for Innovative Methodology and Research Design(cash prize donated by Dr. Chad Anderson):
    Anthony Atalla “Mechanical Characterization of Silk Incorporated Dental Materials”
    Faculty Mentor: Dr. Yoon Kang


  1. Esthetic Dentistry Award(cash prize donated by Dr. Aikaterini Papathanasiou):
    Andy Cheung “Mechanical Properties of Restoration-Grade 3D Printer Resins and Dental Composite”
    Faculty Mentors: Dr. Yoon Kang


  1. Scientific Merit Award for First-Time Presenters:
    Alia Osseiran “An Evaluation of the Output from Budget Curing Lights”
    Faculty Mentor: Dr. Gerard Kugel


  1. Bates Student Research Group “Peer-reviewed” Award:
    Sara Mir “A Comparison of Opioids and Non-Opioids in Management of Postoperative Pain Following Third Molar Extraction”
    Faculty Mentor: Dr. Archana Viswanath


  1. ADEA Student Group Educational Research Award:
    Alexandra Penta “Survey of Recent Graduates Revealing Need for Upgraded CAD/CAM Curriculum”
    Faculty Mentor: Dr. Steven Eisen


  1. Procter & Gamble AADR Traveling Fellowship Award:
    David Powers “SDI Experimental Veneer Cement: A Comparative Study”
    Faculty Mentors: Drs. Duong Tran and Gerard Kugel


  1. Multicultural Award for the Advancement of Dental Research(travel award donated by Dr. Kistama Naidu):
    Sadaf Foroutanjazi “Silk Fiber Films for Controlled Release of Tetracycline and Doxycycline”
    Faculty Mentors: Drs. Gerard Kugel and Driss Zoukhri


Good work everyone! Thank you again for your support of Bates-Andrews Research Day.

To read more about this event, click HERE!


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