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“Customers are steering clear of Chinatown restaurants, but the neighborhood needs our business.”

Article by: Devra First of the Boston Globe

Chinatown businesses has suffered since the Coronavirus outbreak.  “It’s a community that’s been hit really hard in the midst of coronavirus anxiety, and some misinformation and unfounded fear about the epidemic led to a surge in discrimination and stereotypes.”….

This is a time to be rational, because if we don’t keep our heads straight, it feels all may be lost: the country, the climate. Let’s start with a simple thing like eating in Chinatown. Science still says go ahead. “There is no evidence of community-level transmission of this virus in Boston, Massachusetts, or anywhere in the US,” said Catherine Brown, state epidemiologist at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.”………”

Let’s support our neighbor and community!

To read the full article by Devra First, CLICK HERE!!

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