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“This past week, Shawn Kim (D20) and his team presented their project on machine learning in clinical operations at a precision medicine and biomedical research seminar at  the Harvard Business School. His dynamic team consisted of Dean Mary Jane Hanlon, Vanak Huot, Nirav Patel, Hardik Sonani, Junjie Xu with the Clinical Affairs Department. The title of the project is Predictive analysis to enhance operational efficacy of new patient screenings. The team’s research looks at statistical and predictive models by assessing the past electronic health record data to increase efficiency in patient screening in the clinics. Dean Hanlon is quoted saying “Having the ability to drill down into data is critically important in a fast changing, technology driven world.  Using this data to perform better and support initiatives is priceless,”. Vanak is the quality assurance analyst for TUSDM believes that “Breaking down institutional silos by integrating predoctoral experiences and data science increases access to dental care beyond clinic walls.” The ultimate goal of the prediction model is to reduce barriers to access for dental care and create a sustainable program for patients and the TUSDM community.”

To learn more about their project, come out on Bates Day (March 4th, Wednesday)!

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