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“On February 11th, I had the opportunity to volunteer at Headstart in Waltham, MA. I, as well as Samantha Sauers (D’20), Allie Penta (D’21), Joleen Phan (D’23), and Dr. Martha Forero, lead 4 oral health presentations to children between the ages of 2-5 years old. During these presentations, we educated the youth through interactive discussions that highlighted the importance of proper brushing and flossing techniques. We also educated the children on the importance of why maintaining a healthy diet is essential for oral health. Seeing how receptive and excited the children were to learn about oral health was very rewarding. This experience reminded me why we as health care professionals have a duty to serve others. The director of the program emailed AAPD and said she had such positive feedback from parents like – “It was amazing”. “They were so good!”, and “It was so engaging, they were wonderful.” They went on to say that our team had a fresh approach to working with the kids that they haven’t experienced in the past. Thank you to all who made this experience possible and I look forward to participating in more dental service work. – Andrea Boraski (D23)”

Check out their photos from the event below!!


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