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Many of us in D23 class purchased temporary shoes to be used for the Clinical Anatomy class. So, we thought it would be a warm idea to donate those shoes at the end of the semester, when the harsh winter came closer, to an organization in need. We reached out to organizations like Rosie’s Place (a women shelter) and St. Francis House (a homeless shelter). We received contact with Rosie’s Place.

In terms of setting up:
    – PREPARATION: Alexandra Dinu, another Community Service Liaison, was in charge of purchasing 4 big boxes for the 4 lockers. Binh Phan, another Liaison, was in charge of purchasing disinfecting wipes and spray- enough to thoroughly clean the shoes and get rid of the formaldehyde odor from the lab (advised by the professors).
    – COLLECTION: The date of collecting the shoes happened during the time when we cleaned out the locker (after the final exam). This made the process convenient for our classmates.
   o 1 week before the collection day, we picked a non-busy time for the class to send out a reminder of the upcoming event. This way, we hoped to ensure close attention of the class.
   o Before the final exam started, we distribute the items (box, wipes, etc…) along with a sign the said “D23 Shoe Drive for Rosie’s Place.” This way, we hoped to have another reminder for the class as they come in to change outfits for the lab.
   o During collection time, the students offered to wipe their own shoes and tied them together (for convenient distribution)
    – DELIVERY: Alexandra Dinu drove to Rosie’s Place on a coordinated day to drop off the shoes.
    In the end, we collected about 160 pairs of shoes! Of which, 130 pairs were finally accepted by Rosie’s Place. It was wonderful to see so many shoes donated. Perhaps, what even more lovely was to see the smiles, the excitement, the grateful chats, the “thank you,’” and the appreciation coming from the D23 students, the professors and the Rosie’s Place staff, not only during the collecting process but throughout the planning and preparation process.
    Thank you to the professors in the Clinical Anatomy class for arranging a time for us. Thank you to Nancy Marks for guiding us with the event. Thank you to Tamara Biary, the D23 Class Vice President, for your tremendous help during the collection process. And a special thanks to the entire D23 class. Thank you for having the biggest heart to care for those around you. Thank you for, even when you are still adjusting to a very new and challenging curriculum and to Boston, encouraging the fellow classmates to help Rosie’s Place. Whether you suggested ideas for the events, whether you helped wipe 1 pair of shoes, whether you gave a smile to other classmates who were donating their shoes and told them they were amazing- that very effort was turned into an amazing warmth and love for the women at Rosie’s Place.
    Warm regards,
    Class of 2023 Tufts University School of Dental Medicine.


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