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Do you know a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)?
If they are close by, please inform them about TUSDM’s Autism Smiles Day on:
Saturday, February 15   10AM – 3 PMTufts Dental School

This FREE event was created to introduce children with ASD to the dental chair and clinic in order to make their next dental visit most successful. Each session will last approximately 30-40 minutes and includes: trying on the dental bib, sunglasses, going up and down in the dental chair and playing with dental puppets. We will have free childcare for siblings and free parking!


This event is being organized by Professor Dolan, Dr. Forero, and the Dept. of Public Health staff members Nancy Marks and Zhanea Nicholson. Fabulous student leadership includes members of the Special Smiles student group: Kaitlin O’Connor, Stephanie Alvarez, Vendita Correia, Adi Smith and Jason Cummings.

Please contact for flyers that can go on social media and for email outreach for families and professionals.

If you send out a group email to your network, and if it is appropriate, please CC’d in your email so people can contact her directly with any questions!

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

For more Information, please see our flyer below!!

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