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This year is a momentous year for Tufts ASDA, as it is the first year we are submitting an application for Ideal Chapter at the 2020 Gold Crown Awards!  

The Award honors exceptional achievements by the best ASDA chapters in the country. Every student who participates in an ASDA event brings us one step closer to this colossal achievement. However, a special thanks is needed for the incredibly dedicated Gold Crown Planning committee. Part historians, part strategic planners and 100% creative powerhouses, this team spent countless hours crafting the application, including a video (that will be posted after the award ceremony. Stay tuned!).

Thank you so much to Gold Crown Chairs Matt Lee D20, Anna Lam D20, and Marina Kanakos D21 as well as Rachel Young D21, Alex Huy D21, Maggie Wu D22, Darien Lam D22, Jamie Chan D22, Connie Wang D23 and Giang Nguyen D23 for their assistance.


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