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In the past few weeks, three members of the African Diaspora United community –Valerie Bouhom, Jasmine Ghanem, and Nadine Bedair, visited the Irish center for immigrants during English classes for beginners for the immigrants, and presented oral hygiene instructions in a simple way, moreover, had a presentation of the risks of smoking and ways to quit. 
Nadine Bedair reflects: “The best part is that the three of us are immigrants as well. As international students, we know exactly how hard it is to come to a new place, where you don’t speak the same language, and all by yourself. For that, we contacted the Irish international immigrant center, which conduct English language classes for immigrants that never spoke English before, to help them find jobs and live a normal life again. We arranged with the Irish Center weekly visits to come and give simple/fun oral hygiene for those who are still learning how to speak English. Followed by distributing toothbrushes and toothpaste. Thanks to Nancy Marks that helped us in having such an amazing and organized event. And thanks to my dear classmates: Valerie Bouhom and Jasmine Ghanem that joined in teaching oral hygiene instructions, it wouldn’t be a success without them. We always receive heartwarming thank you notes from the students at the immigrant centers, and they appreciated the fact that we are internationals as well, and they always mention that they feel connected to us.”

Checkout some of the notes of appreciation from the attendees here!

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