Building student involvement, fostering civic engagement and enhancing community service to advance public health. 

“During the summer months before school started, a few students of D23 met Roy, the homeless gentlemen who stays outside the church next the Tufts Dental school. Roy is described by many as a positive, sweet, and humble person. Roy is loved by the policemen and the people in the community as he always gives an energetic greeting and a wide smile in his face, even during the freezing cold days. He asks about the well-being of the D23 students when they pass by before we could ask about him. Roy is a very humble gentle. He sweeps the streets where he stays in the morning and evening. When a D23 student asked about what drives him to do so, he simply replied, “It helps me to work out, and it’s my love for the community.””

“And so, as the cold Boston winter was approaching, many classmates of D23 suggested to fundraise for winter gears for Roy, as well as for a few other homeless gentlemen who usually come and sleep near Roy. The Community Service Liaisons and the class E-Boards gave a brief talk to the class about the event, and the idea was very welcome. We raised about $275 and purchased thermal items such as shoes, socks, jackets, hat, and gloves.”

“The items were delivered at night time as it was the only time of day to see all the homeless gentlemen gathering next to the school. A few classmates helped with the unboxing, sorting, and delivering. The lovely atmosphere as we prepared and delivered the items, the brightest and appreciative gratitude from Roy and other homeless men- all made the freezing day much warmer in all of the D23 students’ hearts.”


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