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Little Brothers– Friends of the Elderly coordinated a holiday visit between the D22 class volunteers and residents of Rogerson House in Jamaica Plain. Rogerson House is a long-term care community center for individuals with dementia. Four D22 students, Janki Shingala, Palak Patel, James Cruz and Adi Smith, engaged with the residents of Rogerson House and exchanged stories about their lives. We learned about the experience of living with memory loss and how we, as future dental providers, can show compassion to those with diseases like Alzheimer’s. We learned about the challenges and gaps in care for patients suffering from dementia, as well as ways that we can be better providers for this population. At the end of the visit, the program director at Rogerson House shared a beautiful piece of advice with us that we will never forget as future dentists: “be calm & be kind.”
James Cruz (D22) reflects: “This was a great opportunity to connect with a demographic we’ll see often as dentists, and a lesson in treating others with care and compassion.” Adi Smith (D22) agrees that volunteering at Rogerson House was “a great way to spend time with the community and to learn more about all the populations we’ll see as future health professionals.”


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