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Reflection from Dr. Melissa Ing:

“November 9th, 2019 was the 2nd day of activities in November for WISE (Women in Science and Engineering) being celebrated at the Museum of Science as a family day of Public Education.  (Thur night was WISE Mentor night for College age women.)”

“I had a ton of youngsters ( and a few teenagers ) along with their parents and guardians come to visit my table to learn about healthy teeth and carious teeth.  I also brought along a set of models so people could learn how to properly brush.  We handed out kids’ toothbrushes and toothpaste courtesy of Colgate Palmolive.”

“Kids asked all kinds of fun questions like:  “ what do you like best about your job?”  to “ what do you find most surprising about your job?””

“It was a an action packed and paced afternoon!  The whole premise was to encourage kids to go into STEM.  I think I was successful in getting this young age group to think about health sciences and in particular, dentistry.
One young girl however told me she wants to consider doing dentistry and robotics together!”

“There were some interesting and accomplished women with me.  A nutritionist borrowed my “ Guess what has Gluten Game?”  A set of “ 99ers”  celebrating Amelia Earhart, were there to encourage people to consider aviation as either an occupation or a hobby.  They were incredibly interesting and one woman decided to take this up as a hobby at age 75!  There were some engineers teaching youth how to build a battery.  In addition,  there were some very brilliant women who built their careers around mathematics and several enthusiastic  teachers.   It was very interesting to hear everyone’s stories.”

“It was such a nice surprise to have one of my UConn graduates from 2004 stop by with his family!  Photo w Jim below!”

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