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Did you ever want to tutor at the middle or high school level? Did you want that place to be within walking distance? Is there an hour a day you think to yourself, hmm.. maybe I can tutor someone so they can become all they could want in life? 

Well lucky you! We have an opportunity all year long. Please give back to students who need that little extra inspiration when studying these subjects: Science, Math, English, Spanish, and Mandarin! Please sign up by clicking here, where instructions and information also follow!

As you know, giving back to Chinatown (our host community) is a priority for Tufts. For many years, TUSDM students have been helping to tutor in the Josiah Quincy Middle and Upper School on Friday’s from about 3:30 – 4:30. Subjects include: Science, Math, English, Spanish, and Mandarin.

D21 Jonathan Candido has offered to be the point person with the school and is working hard to line up some students to volunteers.
Questions? Please Contact:
phone: (774) 319-2166

Please help us fulfill this important service request:
Faculty: can you please help us with outreach?
Students: can you find some time to participate (even if not every week?)


Let’s inspire, motivate, and demonstrate what TUSDM can do!


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