Building student involvement, fostering civic engagement and enhancing community service to advance public health. 

Come join in with Dr. Pastan for drop in meditation, and Yoga sessions, all listed below.

Drop in Meditation: the following Thursdays:
October 10th 12:30pm CE Classroom
October 17th 12:30pm Room 773
October 24th 12:30pm Room 773
October 31st 12:30pm Room 773
November 7th 12:30pm CE Classroom
November14th 12:30pm CE Classroom this will be a Mindful Eating Meditation 
December 5th 12:30pm Room 773

Yoga Sessions: the following Tuesdays: 
October 8th 5:15 pm Alumni Lounge 
October 15th 5:15 pm CE Classroom
October 29th 5:15pm Alumni Lounge
November 5th 5:15pm Alumni Lounge
November 12th 5:15pm Alumni Lounge
November 19th 5:15pm Alumni Lounge
December 3rd 5:15pm Alumni Lounge

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