Building student involvement, fostering civic engagement and enhancing community service to advance public health. 

Over 80 D23 women were “in the house” at TUSDM’s annual Women in Leadership Dinner co-hosted by Karen Alexander, student affairs department and Nancy Marks, public  health and community service department.  

Dean Karimbux and Dr. Dara Rogers welcomed the attendees and expressed their commitment and support for the goals of the event. D22 Class President Romina Aznavaleh shared highlights from her run to become class president.  

Then four fabulous D21 female leaders took to the podium to offer their experiences becoming leaders at TUSDM. Shout outs to Konstance Joseph, Irene Lang, Chrislyn Fite and Chardai Lyde for showing up and being open and inspirational!  

Also key to the event were rockin D22s who led the table discussions and added warmth to the evening. Big thanks to: Jacksyn  Clanton, Palak D Patel, Alia Osseiran, Nikesha Walters, Laimarie Alas, Haley Sicard, Anshelle Tucker, Erin Howard, Elizabeth Banister, Hiba Elnour and Maggie Wu

And what did the D23s think? Evaluations are still coming in but early feedback begins to capture the feeling:

  • “Thank you for the amazing dinner tonight. It was so great to hear what our classmates have achieved in their careers as dental students so far. It truly felt empowering.” ZY
  • “I had an awesome time and it’s amazing being able to watch people that look like you taking on roles that you never even imagined.” JS

Onward D23s! Make your mark on TUSDM!

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