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Comprised of 40 dedicated students, staff, faculty and friends, the Tufts Ruck team raised $25,064 this year at the annual Tough Ruck held on Sunday April 14th. Only four other teams registered for the 2019 Tough Ruck raised more funds than Team Tufts Ruck!  In 2018, our novice 50-member team raised $14,470 for a combined total of $39,534 over our first two years in the Tough Ruck.

We carried 900 pounds of food (850 pounds of food in 2018), all of which we donated to New England Center and Home for Veterans.  Led by Dr. Thomas Whitmer (D18), the entire team minus one casualty finished the grueling 26.2 mile ruck.  Dr. Whitmer, a D18 who served two tours of duty in Iraq with the USMC, finished the Ruck in 13th place with an impressive time of 5 hours, 36 minutes and 49 seconds.  The last Tufts Ruck member to cross the finish line demonstrated an incredible degree of fortitude and grit as she persevered for well over ten hours to finish the Ruck.

Below you will find a list of the 2019 Team Tufts Ruck.  Please congratulate them as you see them.


  • Ashley Wallace (D17)
  • Thomas Whitmer (D18)

D19 Students

  • Maria Hacker
  • Ami Humphrey
  • Jesse Huston
  • Toria Koutras
  • Ashley Mullaney


  • Valerie Bouhom

D20 Students

  • Whitney Cramer
  • Yannis Koroneos
  • Justin Marino
  • Pat McLaughlin
  • Brent Mullen
  • Keith Nguyen
  • Samantha Sauers
  • Anna Takos

D21 Students

  • Chrislyn Fite
  • Emerly Hsu
  • Kevin Kim

D22 Students

  • Danielle Amini-Luther


  • Dr. Campos
  • Dr. Leader
  • Dr. Rankin


  • Dr. Kasberg
  • Thomas Greene

Friends of Tufts

  • Chris Colby – Boston Police Officer, retired Marine Sergeant Major
  • Michael Jones – Whitney’s Cramer’s best friend
  • Emma McLaughlin – Pat McLaughlin’s wife. 2nd Top fundraiser ($1.973)
  • William Quakenbush – Whitney’s step dad flew up from Indiana for the Tough Ruck.
  • Jimmy Santos – special assistant for Mayor Marty Walsh
  • John Sumner – retired Marine Sergeant Major
  • Jonathan Wright – Thomas Greene’s friend

Members of The Mission Continues (

  • Dayna Cummings
  • Kerrianne Hallman
  • Michelle King
  • Katherine Saldana
  • Latashia White
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