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On March 6th, TUSDM held the annual Bates-Andrews Research Day in celebration of George A. Bates and alumnus who taught both Tufts Medical and Dental students. This year’s Bates Day included many great posters with students presenting their research projects and other commercial exhibitor displays. Check out the winners below!

  1. Best Postgraduate Poster Presentation (cash prize donated by Natick Dental Partners)

Dr. Gayathri Shenoy (Periodontology) “Co-relation between Digital Planning and Treatment Outcomes of Maxillary Sinus Elevation: An Updated Review”

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Irina Dragan      

2. Best Scientific Research Presentation by a Senior(Andrews Society Award) (cash prize donated by Natick Dental Partners):

Anne-Marie Vu “Evaluating the Importance of Interprofessional Relationships between Dental Students and Students of Other Healthcare Disciplines: A Qualitative Study”

Faculty Mentors: Dr. Irina Dragan

3. First Place Award for Predoctoral Table Clinic (travel to present research at 2019 Hinman Student Research Symposium):

Yannis Koroneos “Long-Term Survival of Dental Implants in the TUSDM Periodontology Clinic”

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Evangelos Papathanasiou

4. Second Place Award for Predoctoral Table Clinic (cash prize donated by Natick Dental Partners, and present research at Greater NY Dental Meeting):

Stephen Kwon and Richard Hong “Diagnosing Periodontal Changes and Caries in Horizontal and Vertical Bitewings”

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Paul Levi, Jr.

5. Third Place Award for Predoctoral Table Clinic (cash prize donated by Natick Dental Partners, and present research at Greater NY Dental Meeting):

Melanie Silvestrini “Enamel Resistance to Demineralization and Bracket Debonding with ACTIVA BioActive CEMENT”

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Duong Tran

6. Research Committee Award for Basic Science Research:

Arietta Rigopoulos “Transcriptome Signatures of Vismodegib-Treated Human Basal Cell Carcinoma Cultures In-Vitro”

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Addy Alt-Holland

7. Massachusetts Dental Society and ASDA Public Health Award (cash prize donated by the Massachusetts Dental Society):

David Abazari “Analysis of Adult Dental Anxiety Using an Apple ResearchKit App”

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Ronald Perry

8. Omicron Kappa Upsilon (OKU) Hilde Tillman Award (two awardees):

Annie Rao “Oral Cancer Diagnosis and Management in Undergraduate Clinics at Tufts”

Faculty Mentor: Archana Viswanath

Lily Razavi “Nasolabial Fold Dynamics in Normal Subjects and Facial paralysis Patients”

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Carroll Ann Trotman

9. Dr. Chad Anderson Family Award for Innovative Methodology and Research Design (cash prize donated by Dr. Chad Anderson):

Syed Hussain “Shear Bond Strengths of RMGI Luting Cements to Indirect Restorations”

Faculty Mentors: Dr. Gerard Kugel

10. Esthetic Dentistry Award (cash prize donated by Dr. Aikaterini Papathanasiou):

Stephanie John “pH and Thermal Challenges on Marginal Fit of Veneers”

Faculty Mentors: Dr. Gerard Kugel

11. Scientific Merit Award for First-Time Presenters:

Rachel Obeid “Validity of 2D versus 3D Facial Measurements for Treatment Outcomes”

Faculty Mentors: Dr. Carroll Ann Trotman

12. Bates Student Research Group “Peer-reviewed” Award:

Yi-Chen Chiang “Facial Paralysis: Impact of Treatment on Perceived Function and QOL”

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Carroll Ann Trotman

13. ADEA Student Group Educational Research Award:

Nader Karimi “The Current State of Dental Sleep Medicine Practice in Academic Institutions: A Questionnaire-Based Study”

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Leopoldo Correa

14. Procter & Gamble AADR Traveling Fellowship Award:

Grace Kim “Temperature Effect on Fluoride Varnishes: Bioavailable Fluoride and Viscosity”

Faculty Mentors: Dr. Gerard Kugel

15. Multicultural Award for the Advancement of Dental Research (travel award donated by Dr. Kistama Naidu):

Mythilee Kugathasan “Do Intraoperative Corticosteroids Reduce Post-Operative Facial Swelling”

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Archana Viswanath

Congrats to all presenters!