Building student involvement, fostering civic engagement and enhancing community service to advance public health. 

During a festive night of food and drink, members of the D22 class prepared posters and games to teach about oral healthcare in the community. With their contributions, we here at Tufts now have a collection of new and improved materials to help spread the word about dental care to the community at large. Come check out our new Jeopardy boards, and other games. 

Jacob Mack (D22) reflects: “From the projects to the people, and from the uncorking of creativity and stress, Art Night was truly a fun time.”

Tom Nguyen (D22) reflects: “Creating unique and beautiful poster arts that will create a long lasting impact in oral education for our youth was a very satisfying experience”

Elizabeth Bannister (D22) reflects: “Art Night was such a fun way to connect with classmates. It allowed us to forget about exams and be creative for a moment. I’m thankful to go to a school that is constantly allowing students to make their mark and have fun doing it!”