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The Tufts Ruck team is taking on the 26.2 mile Boston Marathon Ruck March again this year! Student Affairs is sponsoring 40 slots for students to participate by covering their registration fee. We also welcome faculty and staff to join us as well.  The event covers a 26.2 mile walk on a relatively flat course, and each participant carries a backpack weighing at least 15 pounds of food that we will donate to the New England Center and Home for Veterans.  The event sounds daunting, but all 50 Team-TUSDM participants enjoyed a great time last year filled with fun, laughter, accomplishment and a blister or two. Each finish received an official Boston Marathon Medal (see the pictures above).

Our 2018 team carried 850 pounds of food that we donated to the veterans at New England Center and Home for Veterans. We will do the same this year, with the school providing the food for us to carry. Keith Nguyen (D20) and Brent Mullen (D20) have completed many of these ruck marches during their time in the Army and will be happy to help classmates with advice on how to pack a rucksack, types of socks to wear, etc. Jesse Huston (D19) will lead training rucks on Saturday mornings and welcomes everyone to join.

Last year our team raised over $14,000. This year there will be a $450 minimum fundraiser requirement for each participant. These donations go to Military Friends Foundation which provide support to local military families in times of need.

For more information about the ruck, check out  Any faculty, staff and students interested in rucking or supporting ruckers should email Brent Mullen ( with questions and instructions on how to register.