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A Call to All students, faculty, staff and TUSDM contractors who take great photos! Help Transform TUSDM into a more beautiful and welcoming environment!

Immortalize your time at TUSDM by participating in Fresh Art: Art in the Operatories

As a step toward making creativity and art part of TUSDM’s culture of care, this Call for Photographs seeks to highlight the hidden talents of those who work and study Tufts while beautifying the operatories. Fresh Art will feature up to 200 selected photographs. Great photographs on the walls of the operatories will offer a positive distraction for patients, allowing them to focus on something other than plain walls.

Who can send participate in Fresh Art? Everyone who is part of our community: students, faculty and staff (including University support staff: IT, Facilities; and outside contractors, including C&W). If you take great photos, please help to make TUSDM a more attractive and welcoming place to be.

What kind of photographs should I submit? IMAGINE what a patient would want to look at during an appointment. Catch the beauty nature or the hurried life of the city…Or anything in between! Got great travel photos from your digital camera, IPhone or Android? Submit your best! (Note: no selfies of family/friend photos.) If you are a painter or artist, you may submit photos of your original artwork.

Submit up to 5 photos by February 25!!

How do I submit photos for consideration?

  • Go to:
  • Choose up to 5 high resolution photos to submit
  • Digital files must be suitable for printing up to 30” wide by 22” high. All files should be 150 dpi or higher with 300 dpi preferred. If you have a photo that is a pdf, we can convert the file. (Note: please do not submit PNG or BMP files.)
  • For a “how to” send a high-resolution photo from your IPhone of Android, check out:
  • Horizontal photos preferred. Additionally, brighter images will print better and will be easier to be seen in the operatories.
  • If you have an actual photo but no jpeg, you may submit the picture and, if selected, there will be a $10 fee to create a jpeg from your photo. (contact for help with this.)

How will photographs be selected? A team from TUSDM will choose the photos. Images will be professionally printed, framed and securely mounted. A label with your name will be hung next to the work, identifying you as the photographer for years to come.)

Let’s face it: the dental operatories could use some aesthetic help! Participate in Fresh Art and transform TUSDM into a more beautiful and welcoming environment… And be remembered for it!

Thanks to Dean Thomas and Dr. Hanlon for support of Fresh Art!