Building student involvement, fostering civic engagement and enhancing community service to advance public health. 

We had a cozy group of ten students help at a food bank at Community Servings, which serves nutrition meals to the greater Boston area. While there, we helped organize salads, and even got to bake cookies on a large scale — definitely a new experience seeing all those big machines. We learned a ton about the behind-the-scenes work that is so essential to all the good we do out in the field. 

D22 Volunteers: James Cruz, Revana Awadallah, Elizabeth Banister, Sarina Shafiyan-Rad, Austin Jacob, Janki Shingala, Jesus Vivar, Laimarie Alas-Dorsey, Mehtab Manji, Ozair Ferozuddin
Revana Awadallah (D22) reflects:  “Community Servings was a wonderful way to bond with my classmates outside of school in a way where we were able help people who need it the most. Definitely going back soon!” 

Elizabeth Banister (D22) reflects: “I had so much fun volunteering with my classmates at Community Servings, that I forgot I was volunteering. I’m grateful that I got to be part of the work this organization is doing for the community.” 

Sarina Shafiyan-Rad (D22) reflects: “After having nutrition last semester, we all know how important a patient’s nutrition is to their overall health. It was amazing to support an organization that puts so much emphasis on a public health issue that’s unfortunately often overlooked.”