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D22s: Thinking of running for an elected position? Below you will find the Class Officer & Committee Rep Descriptions!

Class President: 

  • Acts as executive officer of the class; planning, coordinating, and presiding over all class and class officers’ Class meetings must be held by the President during the academic year, and meetings of the class officers must be held regularly.
  • Receives reports from other class officers for communication to the class and is responsible for overseeing a format for that
  • Serves as liaison between the class and faculty/administration and acts as primary spokesperson for the
  • Delegates additional duties to the appropriate class

 Class Vice-President:

  • Acts as the executive officer of the class in absence of the
  • Works in conjunction with the President regarding all executive
  • Serves as the official liaison to the Alumni
  • Coordinates all sub-committees and other student leadership positions including course liaisons and social chairs.
  • Performs additional duties as delegated by the Class

Class Treasurer:   

  • Is responsible for all financial transactions and records of the
  • Works closely with the Office of Student Affairs in the allocation of the class designated revenue and other fiscal
  • Is responsible for coordinating fundraising
  • Performs other duties as delegated by the Class

 Class Secretary:

  • Types and emails all correspondence from the class
  • Maintains the class social media presence.
  • Is responsible for writing minutes and disseminating information resulting from decisions made at class meetings and class officers’
  • Is responsible for compiling classmate achievements, initiatives, and awards to report to the Office of Student Affairs on a bi-monthly
  • Performs other duties as delegated by the Class

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