Building student involvement, fostering civic engagement and enhancing community service to advance public health. 

On Saturday, August 11th members of TUSDM volunteered at the Chinatown Stabilization Block Party to provide oral health education to the Chinatown community. Five students including myself along with Dr. Forero represented both the Tufts AAPD Chapter and the Tufts Pediatric Clinic at the event.

Nika Darabi (D20) reflects: “While this was not my first time attending an event like this, it was my first time seeing such a great turnout despite the persistent rain all day. Due to the rain, the block party was moved inside but as soon as the doors opened, our table was rushed with children. They were so excited to brush the monkey, Dracula, and our stuffed lion’s teeth and to get their free sample of tooth brush and tooth paste. As the kids were practicing their brushing, we did our best to ask how they normally brush and then demonstrate a more effective technique to both them and their parents. Although there were some children who were scared of the toys and did not want to listen, there were many who were so interested that they returned to our table 3 and even 4 times. After the kids practiced brushing, they were given a dog sticker as a prize. For parents, we handed out broachers on how to best brush and floss to help their children achieve good oral hygiene. Overall, this event was truly one of the best events I have ever been to. It was such a great reminder to see how you can make educating kids and their parents on oral hygiene fun and interactive!”

Divya Suresh (D20) reflects: “All the kids ran straight to the booth when they saw all the toothbrushes and animals. They were very eager to show us how they brush and get their stickers and tooth brushes. Because most of the children had immigrant parents, some children and adults did not understand the importance of oral health. After discussing the importance of finding a dental home, proper nutrition, and attending re-care exams, the parents and children were visibly excited. They wanted to learn more about brushing techniques and how they could set up a dental home for their children. It really put a smile on my face when I saw how interested the kids were and how our efforts made a positive impact on their lives.”

Participants: Zach Kishbaugh D20, Katherine Ynsinare D21, Nika Darabi D20, Qian Lin D20, Divya Suresh D20, Leticia Cuellar D19