Building student involvement, fostering civic engagement and enhancing community service to advance public health. 

HDA members Stephanie Alvarez, Sandy Lopez, Gloria Enjuweh, Jonathan Josephs, and Chris Lucido, along with faculty member Dr. Mahnaz Raissi volunteered at Chestnut Park Assisted Living at Cleveland Circle in Brighton on March 10, 2018. The audience consisted of about 15 senior citizens that were all very eager to learn about keeping a clean and healthy smile!

Stephanie Alvarez (D20) reflects: This was my first-time volunteering at an assisted living facility. I prepared a brief presentation on oral hygiene and dentures, with the help of my classmate Sandy Lopez. I did not know what to expect from our audience, but I was very excited to learn what the needs of this community were, and how we could assist them. The residents of Chestnut Park were extremely engaged in the presentation and games and had a lot of questions for us! As I reflect on the experience, I realize how this opportunity was beneficial prior to entering clinic, as my patients will too, have many questions regarding their oral health. I was required to think on my feet and recall many things I have learned in dental school to date. It was great to see us working as a group to answer some of the audience’s questions. Having Dr. Raissi there to assist in answering some of the more difficult ones was a great help!

Sandy Lopez (D20) reflects: “I hope that we can continue volunteering with this population because it will better prepare us when we enter clinic. For our next visit I hope we can provide the residents with more visuals on how to care for their teeth and their dentures.”