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Tufts celebrates trailblazer women at its 3rd annual women in leadership dinner panel
On April 19th, seventy-five students, faculty and staff came together for a very special dinner panel celebrating a shift in paradigm of women in dentistry and leadership in the field. Panelists including Dean Mary-Jane Hanlon, Lauren Trager (D18), Mikey Vega (D18), Alisha Anand (D18) and Alex Peacock (D18) shared powerful stories with the group with their messages ranging from the responsibility women leaders have to help others to the role we have in carrying ourselves as strong, powerful women…who are also doctors!
Big thanks to all the panelists, Dean Thomas, Nancy Marks, Karen Alexander, Jackie Liu (D19), and Nancy Epstein (D19) for making this a truly memorable and uplifting event!
Reflection by: Sangita Murali (D18), Outgoing Tufts AAWD President
Photo 1: Left to right is Alex Peacock, Alisha Anand, Dean Hanlon, Lauren Trager, Mikey Vega
Photo 2: Attendees including faculty, staff and students from all four dental school classes
Photo 3: Moderators for the evening Jackie Liu, Nancy Epstein, and Sangita Murali
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