Building student involvement, fostering civic engagement and enhancing community service to advance public health. 

On April 14, a team of 50 faculty, staff, and students will be participating in Tough Ruck, the Boston Marathon Ruck March. Organized by Brent Mullen (D20) and Keith Nguyen (D20) the event is a 26.2 mile course where each participant will be carrying a 15 or 35 lb rucksack. The team will be carrying over 750 lbs of canned food goods and bags of rice, which will be donated to the New England Center and Home for Veterans at that end of the of the march!  They have also raised over $10,000 for local military families in times of need.

Their team needs a few more volunteers to support us in our mission!  They’re looking for people to either come in the morning to help with parking or in the evening (5-7 PM) to help with taking apart the finish line. The whole team will greatly appreciate it!