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The following proposal (see below) was created by an ad hoc student advisory group, Nancy Marks and Karen Alexander early this year. It was then presented to almost 30 student leaders last month to get feedback. The revised version (below) and was sent last week to  Student Organization Leaders and Faculty Advisors with the hopes that the proposed changes would be instituted by groups.

Feel free to contact Nancy or Karen with any questions or feedback!

Goal: To support the Student Organizations by ensuring the continuity of strong leaders

 Objective: Propose model and timing of leadership succession and elections in order to support the growth and work of student organization

Advisory Committee: D18: Liz Betances, Haley Sacks, Aekta Patel, Chelsea Johnston; D19 Gabby Lieberman; D20 Nika Darabi

Staff: Nancy Marks and Karen Alexander

Based on our goal and objective and on the realities that 4th years are focused on , we propose the following for discussion:

  1. That when appropriate and possible, student leaders become presidents of their organizations in the their third year
  2. In their fourth year, these former presidents officially become “Mentors” to the third year presidents.
  3. When possible, third year presidents will identify active second year members to run in their third year.

(We understand that it may take 2 years for groups to make this transition, as there are many dedicated 3rd years who will be taking the helm next year. To help with this transition, we would like groups to consider having a year of ‘Co-presidents’ (next year’s 4th year and a 3rd year).

Proposed Yearly Trainings: 

4th: Mentor: Will receive training on how to be a good mentor

3rd: President: Will receive training on how to be a successful president, as well as logistical and technical “how to’s” : access student group emails, create google forms, how to use an elist, etc.

Proposed Timing of Elections:

We are proposing that student groups hold elections happen between April- May (probably between April 15- May 10 or so due to breaks, graduation, etc.)

This means that rising 3rd years would be elected at the end of their 2nd year (that April-May). It will then allow the rising 4th years to begin to mentor them in the summer. And then allow student groups to hit the ground running in the Fall.  It also allows the new President to reach out to incoming first years–who have some time in August as they get settled.)

Check out the student leader succession guide: Student-Leader-Succession Guide 2017 here!

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