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On March 7th, TUSDM held their annual Bates-Andrews Research Day in celebration of George A. Bates and alumnus who taught both Tufts medical and dental students. Bates Day includes posters with students demonstrating their research projects and other commercial exhibitor displays. Check out the winners below!

1. Best Postgraduate Poster Presentation (cash prize donated by Natick Dental Partners): Dr. Pooyan Refahi (Periodontics) “Minimally Invasive Mucogingival Procedures: Assessing the Level of Evidence” Faculty Mentor: Dr. Irina Dragan     

2. Best Scientific Research Presentation by a Senior (Andrews Society Award) (cash prize donated by Natick Dental Partners): Timothy Reichheld “Evaluation of Monobond Plus with SpeedCEM Plus for Orthodontic Purposes” Faculty Mentors: Drs. Ronald Perry and Gerard Kugel

3. AADR/Dentsply Sirona Student Competition for Advancing Dental Research and its Application (travel to present research at 2019 AADR Annual Session): Grace Kim “Storage Temperature Effect on Fluoride Varnishes: Bioavailable Fluoride and Viscosity” Faculty Mentor: Drs. Gerard Kugel and John Morgan

4. Second Place Award for Predoctoral Table Clinic (cash prize donated by Natick Dental Partners, and present research at Greater NY Dental Meeting): Stanley Ojukwu “Treatment of Severe Odontogenic Infection: Antibiotic Management Preferences of Oral Surgeons” Faculty Mentor: Dr. Archana Viswanath

5. Third Place Award for Predoctoral Table Clinic (cash prize donated by Natick Dental Partners, and present research at Greater NY Dental Meeting): Annie Rao “Assessing the Usage and  Confidence in Oral Cancer Screenings at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine” Faculty Mentor: Dr. Archana Viswanath

6. Research Committee Award for Basic Science ResearchSara Mir “Delineating Epithelial-Stromal Interactions in Basal Cell Carcinoma Development” Faculty Mentor: Dr. Addy Alt-Holland

7. Massachusetts Dental Society and ASDA Public Health Award (cash prize donated by the Massachusetts Dental Society): Kaitlyn O’Connell “A Survey of Caregivers Regarding Dental Care for Autistic Children” Faculty Mentor: Dr. David Leader

8. Omicron Kappa Upsilon (OKU) Hilde Tillman Award (cash prize donated by OKU): Trish Dang and Sang Joon Lee “Human Papillomavirus Vaccination Coverage and Its Potential Impact on Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma in the U.S. Hispanic Population: A Systematic Literature Review” Faculty Mentors: Aidee Nieto-Herman

9. Dr. Chad Anderson Family Award for Innovative Methodology and Research Design (cash prize donated by Dr. Chad Anderson): Syed Hussain “Does Disinfecting Extracted Teeth with NAClO Affect Shear Bond Strength” Faculty Mentors: Drs. Steven Eisen and Gerard Kugel

10. Esthetic Dentistry Award (cash prize donated by Dr. Aikaterini Papathanasiou): Jesse Feuerstein and Tyler Beninati “Evaluation of Dentin Permeability and Microleakage with Different Bonding Systems” Faculty Mentors: Drs. Gerard Kugel and Steven Eisen

11. Scientific Merit Award for First-Time Presenters (cash prize donated by Dr. Matthew Finkelman): David Michaels “Material Flexural Strength Comparison using Marketed and Experimental Automix Tips” Faculty Mentors: Dr. Gerard Kugel

12. Bates Student Research Group “Peer-reviewed” AwardMythilee Kugathasan “Is There a Reduction in Facial Swelling when Intraoperative Corticosteroids are Used” Faculty Mentor: Dr. Archana Viswanath

13. ADEA Student Group Educational Research AwardBenjamin Smith “Perspectives on the Use of Learning Catalytics in the Curriculum” Faculty Mentor: Drs. Irina Dragan, Nadeem Karimbux and Ms. Jennipher Murphy

14. Procter & Gamble AADR Traveling Fellowship AwardCraig Holliday “Treating Hyposalivation: Efficacy and Adverse Effects on Pilocarpine vs. Cevimeline” Faculty Mentors: Dr. Arwa Farag

15. AADR Student Research Day AwardDelaney Turner “Clinical Performance of CAD/CAM Generated All-Ceramic Crowns” Faculty Mentor: Dr. Maria Avrampou

17. Multicultural Award for the Advancement of Dental Research (travel award donated by Dr. Kistama Naidu): Dianne Luu “Water Absorption and Solubility of Four Dental Composite Materials” Faculty Mentor: Drs. Yoon Kang and Gerard Kugel

Congrats to all students and faculty!

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