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On February 16, 2018, a group of D21s: Tyler Brown, Sara Bustos, Tiara Felder, Tyrell Fridie, and Devonte Johnson, went to the Madison Park Technical Vocational High School in Roxbury, Massachusetts to promote oral health care and discuss their journeys to dental school with the students.

Tyler Brown (D21) reflects: “Having the opportunity to speak to the students at Madison Park Technical Vocational High School was amazing. During our presentation, we walked the students through the trials and tribulations we faced while matriculating through high school, college, and post-graduate life. After we shared our stories we explained what a typical day in dental school consists of, and finished the presentation with a game on oral health education. After the presentation, we had the opportunity to learn about their dental assistant program (the only one in Boston for high school students) as well as previewed some of the other vocational programs the school provides. Being able to offer the students an example of young adults who look like them, and are in dental school was amazing and something that I honestly feel is necessary, especially in today’s climate. A couple of the students explained to us that they had never seen a dentist of color, and now that they had met us, saw that it was possible. This was extremely humbling for us as a group due to the fact that sometimes, because we are so busy and caught up in school, we almost take this amazing opportunity for granted. Personally being able to inspire these young students reiterated the exact reason I wanted to become a dentist in the first place. The opportunity to be a dental clinician is of great merit but I also recognize the importance of inspiring the future leaders of healthcare, the youth.”

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