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The Bates Student Research Group (BSRG) E-board is excited to share with you the first student-run research magazine at TUSDM titled Dentēs. Thank you to President Sama Abdul-Aziz (D18) for her leadership representing BSRG and thank you to Editor-in-Chief Shawn Kim (D20) for launching and creating this magazine!

The featured students and faculties for Fall 2017 BSRG magazine are: Andrew Lum (D18), Dr.David Leader, Tuvy Phan (D18), Jason Berglund (D18), Dr.Nicole Holland, David Powers (D20), Craig Holliday (D20), Tracy Gerona (D20), Dr.John Morgan, Eileen Doherty.

We encourage you all to look it over and learn about the exciting projects underway at TUSDM. Hard copies will be available on the 15th floor starting in January.

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