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We are the Jumbo Hurricane Relief — a small group of Tufts students and faculty from around the university who have joined together to raise funds for the Caribbean islands devastated by hurricanes Irma and Maria. We have been fundraising through various events and bake sales, and have raised in more than $2,750.

We are trying to raise $15,000 by the end of the 2018 school year and are doing so through various events and bake sales. For the weekend of  (12/8-12/10), we are hoping to raise $2,500 through 5 bake sales and are in dire need of baked goods. If you could donate some baked goods, we would greatly appreciate your help!

You could sign up to bake below and contact Pietra Check (, who can arrange to pick up the goods in a central location on the Boston campus. Pietra will be on the Boston campus next Friday, 12/8.

Any donated good would be really appreciated, whether it is a batch of cookies, brownies, or a fun home recipe. We just ask that you label the goods and list any potential allergens in the ingredients!

If you would also like to get involved and be on our e-list, please email Thank you for your time!

Sign up to BAKE for Dec 9 & 11 using this link: