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On October 24, American Association of Women Dentists (AAWD) came together to enjoy their annual faculty student potluck which helped to foster relationships amongst student and faculty members of TUSDM.

Manpreet Kaur reflects: “The event allowed old and new members of the club to come together and engage in conversation while enjoying delicious food. This event wouldn’t have been a success without our wonderful faculty and we like to thank Dr. Forerro, Dr. Bordin, Dr. Wright, Dr. Alt-Holland, Dr. Shenoy, Dr. Saavedra, and Nancy Marks for coming out to support AAWD.”

If you are a faculty member at TUSDM and are interested in joining the AAWD faculty mentorship program please fill out this quick survey!

AAWD would like to give a special thanks to Nancy Epstein (D18) and everyone else that helped organize the potluck. Great Job team!
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